Biology Personal Statement

Sample Biology Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by human biology. Finding out the seemingly infinite and amazing things that our bodies can do, and equally the ways in which our physiology can let us down, paints a picture of a complex and inspiring organism requiring methodical research in order that it may be fully understood. Having also been brought up surrounded by the processes of laboratory exploration, thanks to my uncle’s occupation as a Physicist, I have also always been inspired by the possibilities of this scientific research to shape and influence our world and our lives. Combining these interests at undergraduate level will give me the best chance of achieving my goal of having a similar influence over all of our futures.

I have always pursued my interests in biology throughout my schooling, scoring good marks in the subject in my final year studies. My broader interests in science are also reflected in my strong performances in Chemistry and Maths, both of which have given me the logical, methodical approach to problem solving that characterises good research.

To expand on this knowledge I also attended Junior Biochemist School, which was incredibly competitive as it only admitted 50 students a year. The two year course covered a wide range of subjects, from the biochemical structure of cells to genome research, and certificates were awarded for those participants who completed the associated exams and coursework. For my final assessment I undertook a research project on the effects of chocolate on the human body, exploring well-known facts and potential myths, such as its impact on headaches and spots.

Moving to the UK to study presented its own challenges and, unfortunately, required a turn away from my primary area of interest. That said; I have more than proven my ability to undertake a high level of study in the UK, and in the English language, by completing a Level 2 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course and undertaking a Level 2 NVQ diploma in Beauty Therapy. While, at first glance, this might seem unrelated to human biology, the course actually requires a good understanding of the way in which beauty treatments can affect the client. In the future, I would be keen to explore research within the beauty industry as one potential avenue through which I can combine these multiple interests.

In order to support myself throughout my continuing studies, I have also been required to work in waitressing and barmaid jobs, including recent supervisory experience. These roles have not only allowed me to hone my knowledge of the English language but have also helped me to gain teamwork, communication and organisation skills, both within the jobs themselves and through the requirements of balancing employment with study.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and exploring my interests as well as being a very sociable person. I have formed good friendships, as well as working relationships, with my colleagues and coursemates and enjoy practising beauty techniques with them outside of class. I am also a keen fan of sports; enjoying cycling, jogging, swimming and basketball, which I have played competitively from the age of 13.

I have shown myself to be a dedicated and capable student, whatever the subject or educational context. By returning to my primary interests, in the form of human biology, I am sure that I can continue applying these qualities throughout future study and research so that I might play a valuable role in continuing to explore the possibilities of the human body in a challenging, inspiring and intellectually-nurturing environment.

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