Art and Design Personal Statement

Sample Art and Design Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the effect that visual stimuli can have on our thoughts, our emotions, and our understanding of the world around us. From complex, ornate artistry to the seemingly simple arrangements of colour and shape that underpin the work of abstract impressionists, like Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock, human beings have always sought to represent our lives in visual terms. As I have refined my own interests through study, I have built upon my previous experience to improve both my intellectual understanding of the visual and my practice as an artist.

I proved to be a strong, all-round student throughout schooling including securing an excellent performance in my preliminary studies of Fine Art. I also found a flair for the English language, gaining a final grade of 5 (Very Good). This aptitude, combined with the esteemed reputation of many of Britain’s art schools and the vibrant and thriving culture of the arts present in London inspired me to move to the UK for my undergraduate studies. While I am aware that studying outside of my home country offers unique challenges I am confident that I have done all I can to overcome these; including undertaking GCSEs in English and Maths in order to familiarise myself with both the language and the UK education system.

I have also continued to pursue my interests in Fine Art, undertaking an NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Fine Art and Foundation Degree course. I have got so much out of these studies that it is almost impossible to outline the way in which they have helped me to develop as an artist and as a person. Involving a great deal of group work, I am happy to say that I have gained the interpersonal skills to collaborate with others and to provide, and receive, instructive criticism on work. Taking my own work seriously has really allowed both my practical technique and conceptual abilities to develop in a supportive intellectual environment. These studies have also built on my existing interest in the range and breadth of the art world, taking in painting, drawing and sculpting, and fostering a love for numerous artists; such as Naum Gabo, Hazel Brook and Richard Long, all of whom work in various media and with various frameworks.

Having also worked as an Art Decorator and Sales Assistant at an art shop in Bulgaria, I have gained an introduction to the commercial realities of the art world. Working selling art materials, framing pictures and setting up exhibitions for the gallery introduced me to the complexities of selling art products and the connection between pure creativity and creating within a market. While the work that I have found in the UK as a Catering Assistant, is unfortunately unrelated to the art world, it does draw upon the transferable skills I gained through this role; namely teamwork, time management and creating good relationships with clients and colleagues.

Art is a passion for me that structures much of my free time. In addition to reading around the subject, creating work and visiting galleries I have also tried my hand at a number of competitions, including the Royal Summer Exhibition and ‘Inspired by the V&A’. These have been useful exercises in working within a strict timescale and to a specific brief which will help me throughout my academic studies.

My ever-present passion and dedication to the visual arts has grown with my studies, inspiring me to learn as much as possible about my chosen field and to pursue a career that reflects this interest, whether as an artist or through developing my previous experience in curating or working in the art world in some other capacity. By building on my studies through a degree in Fine Art at a highly prestigious institution, I look forward to growing my skills, knowledge and experience in the hope of making this goal a reality.

I hope this sample Art and Design personal statement has been helpful, and given you some ideas to help writing your own personal statement.