Art and Design Personal Statement

Sample Art and Design Personal Statement

Graphic Design is the main interest in life, my hobby and also my job. In most things I do my imagination immediately turns to ways in which identity or meaning can be presented visually, so that they will strike others as original and memorable. I have my own clothing label, and I am involved in a fairly successful and popular band here in Sheffield, and in both of these I have worked to provide all the design requirements for the public presentation of the products or events. My ambition is to work in this field for the duration of my career, perhaps designing for a company in an area I am very interested in, such as the music industry, or possibly as a free-lance designer, and I know that I need to formalise and extend my knowledge of the world of design and gain some understanding of the business practices it serves through studying for a degree in the subject. I should like to explore how concepts in design are developed, and learn more about the relationship between designer and client. A knowledge of the process of manufacture is important for my success, the ways to research the market, to offer relevant solutions and to deliver a professional package. I believe that design ideas rarely come out of committees, and that it is the individual imagination that provides the spark, but it is also important to consult, to have brainstorming sessions and design workshops.

In establishing my own clothing label”, I have provided all the design requirements, covering products and media. I have designed the website, the logo, the clothes themselves, the accessories and the advertising. This has given me great experience in using design and editing software, so much so that I can now claim to be skilled in many programs, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, SketchBook Pro, Gimp, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro. I have also gained an understanding of the sort of designs people like and what appeals to them. Working with other companies who actually manufacture and print my designs has been very instructive. The band I play in, called “A Season of Secrets” has given me the opportunity to design the website, the advertisements, the merchandise and event tickets. I also edit photographs taken in publicity shoots, and I have devised the band’s logo and its typography, as well as editing all videoing. I taught myself to play the guitar and have devoted much time to the efficient running of the band – evidence, I believe, of my determination and commitment to a project. I also work as a free-lance designer and photographer for various clients, including other bands, providing images of products, logos, CD covers and advertisement media, as well as designing clothing for them. I also do portrait photography.

I have had work experience in a music store, which was a useful taste of the real world of work and involved dealing with customers, checking stock and generally maintaining order in the shop. It was good to work as part of the retail team and to serve customers face to face. At school I have often worked with younger pupils, helping them on media days such as the BBC school project, where I helped younger children to design and create a news report using my own media skills, and I have also helped with design and technology days, creating a solar buggy.

I enjoy adventurous sports, including skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding, but my main occupation is design, which I love in all its aspects – drawing, editing, illustrating, typography or formatting. Most of my time is spent designing something for my school or a private client. I am eager to learn more skills, such as printing processes, and gain a knowledge of how the graphics industry functions and how it influences popular culture. My commitment to my subject is total and I believe that I have the skill, enthusiasm and determination to become a very successful undergraduate.

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