Art and Design Personal Statement

Sample Art and Design Personal Statement

Art and Design are the central interests in my life and drawing has long been my favourite spare time occupation. I am very eager to take up a career which allows me to exercise my creativity and produce designs which can enhance people’s lives. Although I have not attended a specific art school, for financial reasons, I have learnt much at my secondary school, including how to draw using perspective and 3D design, as well as technical drawing and the use of computer graphics. Interior design appeals to me because of the opportunities it offers for realising a large-scale vision in an architectural space and the way it allows the creative imagination to use materials, space and form and to consider function and use in a huge range of settings and serving a variety of needs – in retail buildings, museums, exhibitions and events and in people’s own homes. It has an exciting range of features – lighting, furniture, room division, colour and so on – and holds out the prospect of great personal, artistic and professional satisfaction.

Many of my artistic skills are self-taught and have been refined by endless practice and concentration. At school I chose Japanese art as the topic for a dissertation, despite the warnings from my teacher that the subject was too remote from my own European experience and vision of the material world. The project was very successful and filled me with new ideas about how beauty can be created by the designer. I learnt much about Japanese culture and traditions, but it was the interior design styles which particularly seized my imagination. The minimalist approach to interior space I find immensely satisfying, the use of colour to establish the design accent, the low chairs, tables and sofas and the use of natural materials for their inherent beauty. To be able to design with such serene confidence would be my dream of creative purpose fulfilled, and I am eager to explore other equally miraculous visions in a degree course, as well as allowing my own artistic inventiveness to develop and flourish. I hope to work in this field after graduation, perhaps with the addition of architectural knowledge to widen my range.

I work at present for an internet sales company, which has been a good introduction to the real world of work. I do my utmost to satisfy customers’ demands and ensure that our service is perfect, but the monotony of the job only confirms for me my need to work in a creative environment. I am very interested in psychology and have followed a course on the subject, and it has stuck me as a very useful adjunct to my planned career in design, since customers’ real wishes often have to be deduced indirectly and the deep human needs for comfort, balance and harmony must always be accommodated into the artist’s vision. I have studied computer graphics and design to an advanced level and I am excited by the creative possibilities offered by IT in making collages, 3D graphic pictures, perspective and vector pictures and correcting photographs. I find Adobe Photoshop an invaluable resource for making attractive advertisements and managing images.

I am a keen linguist. My native tongue is Lithuanian, and I have fluent English and Russian, and my Spanish, which is again self-taught, is developing rapidly. My aim is to learn French and Italian in the near future, as I believe that languages are of immense importance in an increasingly international world. I am a hard-working and cooperative individual, always keen to offer my best efforts in anything I take on and ready to consider new ideas and methods. I have something of the perfectionist in my make-up and cannot be satisfied with an incomplete project. I work well with others, but have much originality and initiative and am quite happy to work alone. I am totally committed to my planned career path and believe that I have the qualities to become a highly successful undergraduate.

I hope this sample Art and Design personal statement have helped give you some ideas.