Architecture Personal Statement 2

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed Art and Design Technology as school subjects, and have recently found myself becoming increasingly interested in the technology of building. The prospect of combining design skills with my scientific knowledge offers absorbing and fulfilling prospects that I should like to pursue through a degree course. The impact of environmental issues on building design is particularly interesting, and will be very challenging to the architects of the immediate future. I am particularly keen to explore how new forms of energy and ecologically friendly aspects of house design can be accommodated within the human requirements for comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. I look forward to a career in which I am able to be creative while also observing all the physical and engineering provisions that the modern building must include. The combination of art and science is exciting and full of opportunities.

I appreciate how the building industry has been affected in recent years by changes in building materials and processes, and look forward to learning about the way that the architectural technologist functions at the point where design and construction meet. The challenge of turning an architectural concept into a real structure is full of interest for me. In a degree course I would hope to explore the ways that building designs are analysed and judged, and how the technologist can produce efficient solutions to satisfy performance, production and cost criteria. It will also be exciting to find ways in which a client’s demands for environmental design, energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance can be met. I also need to learn about the design process, contractual issues and the architectural technologist’s professional obligations, surveying and measurement, CAD and other aspects of IT in the design office, computer drawing skills, and much more. The technologist’s work is also inevitably deeply affected by geographical and geological conditions, a knowledge of which must be acquired. It is a challenging programme, but one which I very much look forward to.

My own work in DT has been absorbing and rewarding. Several of my designs have been exhibited at school open days, and three of my pieces were on public show. I enjoy working as part of a team as well as on my own, and I have some experience of operating under difficult conditions, including taking part in a school expedition to Morocco, climbing the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and living in the desert for several days. At school I have been given a position of trust, overseeing pupils in year 7, taking registrations and organising activities. I regularly act as a school representative, taking potential pupils and their parents on tours of the campus.

I take a strong interest in all art events and exhibitions, and have attended the Grand Designs shows in the last two years, and follow the programme and the publications. I have some skill in 3D design software on the computer, which I am keen to develop further. I have some knowledge of the commercial world through work experience placements, including one with Derby County Football Club, which involved work with the marketing manager and event executives. It was enjoyable and informative, giving me an idea of how any big business works, and a taste of operating within a highly motivated team. I have also enjoyed being involved in fund-raising activities for charity.

I am a hard working individual, and I believe my school and my colleagues regard me as a good leader as well as a generous team player. I am attentive to detail, and have an energetically creative imagination. A career in a design and build company, or in building for the public sector, or in a property development agency appeals to me as the ideal realisation of my talents and interests, and I hope you will consider my application.

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