Architecture Personal Statement

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

Architecture has always played an important role in my life, having been continually fascinated by my father’s work as a Civil Engineer. Throughout my childhood he would often bring home elements of his work, such as blueprints or architectural models, and would encourage me to accompany him on work trips. Through these I learnt the vast range of styles that characterise the architecture of my native China and have become passionate about the potential of humanity to recreate, to shape and to compliment the richness and beauty of our natural surroundings.

Having decided to pursue my interest in architecture throughout my studies, I have tried to balance the technical and creative aspects of the discipline. Learning drawing and painting in my spare time, I dedicated my school studies to gaining the scientific knowledge which is also essential, particularly in an era when technological and environmental concerns shape architecture to an ever greater degree.

My work is driven by critical and creative thinking and I have used my time to explore multiple aspects of the design process. I pride myself on the level of my attention to detail and excellent problem solving skills, which ensure that I pay attention to each aspect of a specific assignment, and to each aspect of my overall professional development, rather than concentrating on a single point.

In mysummer vacation, I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the AA Shanghai summer school. Discussing architecture with 50 students from 30 different countries imbued me with a sense of the breadth of possibility contained within the discipline; contributing to my enthusiasm even further and directly influencing my choice of dissertation. I can honestly say that, while only 8 days long, this course broadened my horizons immeasurably. This previous experience with AA fully delivered on your reputation for combining an international perspective on the discipline, cutting edge technology and facilities, and for offering your students the chance to explore different aspects of architecture and create their own critical and professional vocabulary. It is my desire to continue this rewarding and exciting intellectual journey that has inspired me to study with AA.

My summer school experience also allowed me to expand on the technical knowledge which was to become my speciality throughout my time at Sheffield. Undertaking a range of assignments throughout undergraduate and summer school study, complimented my existing CAD skills with experience of using Rhino, Vectorworks, Maya, Varay and AutoCAD, as well as other graphics communication programmes such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My natural aptitude for, and personal interests in, this area of design have also allowed me to play a valuable role within my school community as a CAD workshop tutor. Working with the teaching staff and students has also proven to be a highly rewarding opportunity to hone my technical skills and my social and interpersonal skills.

I have proven myself to be a driven and ambitious student who grasps each opportunity to develop within my chosen discipline with both hands. As passionate about all aspects of architecture today as I was as a child, I can think of no better way to enhance my skills, knowledge and experience than through continuing my studies within such a prestigious, forward-thinking and intellectually nourishing environment.

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