Architecture Personal Statement

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember I have had many different and varied ideas about my potential future career. I have though always been attracted to drawing and design and as I have experienced and learnt more about the world and how it functions I have developed a deep interest and appreciation of the influence of architecture.

From Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia to Norman Fosters 30 St Mary Axe, Architecture is art for the masses. However just like conventional art, not all Architecture is appealing and even less can be considered great. This is because of a constraint which other art forms lack, money. This is the reason why I am passionate about becoming an Architect; because I believe Architecture can look brilliant whatever the budget and shouldn’t be dictated by the developer but by the end user, you and me. This passion is visible in the art I’ve created during my spare time and during my GCSE’s where I was chosen from almost 100 students by my Art teachers and awarded for my ‘Outstanding Effort and Progress’ in Art. It is also visible in my graphic design work, where I always try to thoroughly develop my work, either on paper or on CAD of which I have become very proficient in.

Architecture is not just about art. Mathematics is an integral part of a building’s design, now more than ever. Architects are therefore dependant on engineering as Architecture becomes ever more complex as it challenges the boundaries of conventional construction methods. That is why I have made sure that maths is one of my key subjects, always gaining good grades in my studies, helped by the fact that I have a natural understanding of maths. My As Level in Physics has also greatly improved my understanding of the physical constraints of materials and their applicable areas in construction. Communication is also essential to Architecture of which I excel in through my English. During my secondary education I was recognised for my knowledge of English and again, was awarded for my achievement in the subject.

Of course my experience is not just education based. I have always been keen to gain experience in areas outside of my education. When presented with the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award, I jumped at the chance and I am glad to say I have continued to help the community since. I began volunteering in June 2011 for Barnsley Hospice, working in their local charity shop. Even though this work isn’t related to Architecture, it has helped me develop a great deal of confidence, maturity and many new skills. This work experience will be important to me in both gaining part time employment while studying at university and helping me with my degree course.

Before applying for this course I wanted to make sure it was really what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Gaining experience seemed the best way to do this, therefore over the past year I’ve been working with two Architects to gain an understanding of how Architects really work. One is a self employed Architect/Town Planner, working mainly in agriculture and barn conversions, who stuck to technical drawing for his designs. Accompanying him every Wednesday for several months and discussing the field gave me valuable knowledge which I could never have gained from my subscription of the AJ or from an episode of Grand designs. Another was a large architecture studio, and a much larger practice who took me on full time for two weeks during which I was given the opportunity to design a house with AutoCAD and 3D rendering software. I quickly learnt the basics, much to the surprise of some of the staff members. This contrast in traditional and modern techniques with conservational and new build design has inspired me to keep my options open as well as doing nothing but to reaffirm my decision to become an Architect. It may be hard work, but the reward of seeing your designs come to life on a real life scale appeals greatly to me.

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