Architecture Personal Statement

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

Modern life relies upon the innovations of engineering and architecture, and developments in these disciplines make our lives more convenient and colorful. Playing a role in the professional progression of these fields would allow me to have a meaningful career through which I can contribute positively to the modeling of the world we inhabit.

My qualifications in Maths and Physics provide me the requisite knowledge and skills to begin my journey towards becoming a structural engineer or architect and I look forward to furthering my understanding of both of these disciplines. Independent inquiry and the innovation of ideas are essential attributes within these subjects and are important qualities to a forward looking architecture or engineering professional, of which I hope to become.

The value of a UK University education cannot be underestimated and will be an invaluable stage in my career. The course offered is tailored to my needs and will aid my academic development greatly. The opportunity to study in a British school has allowed for my independent growth and has permitted me to conquer challenges as an individual; this has often been hard but I have taken pride in rising to and surmounting these trials. Optimism and self-motivation have been demonstrated by facing life and study abroad, and academically I took advantage of my opportunity for furthering my intellectual foundations and endeavor. My success has given me confidence to strive for excellence in further education.

Outside of education, traveling the world and experiencing the human and natural landscape of countries’ has given me great satisfaction and opened my eyes to the diversity of engineering and architectural brilliance. Tibet, Taiwan, Japan and Canada are some of my favorite destinations for taking in renowned architectural achievements, and sketching and recording the detail of these allow me to develop my draftsman skills and compliment my innate inquisition into the theory and technique of their construction.

As I grew older I became aware of the relationships between environments and their surroundings and this helped me come to my decision to study architecture and civil engineering; both disciplines require a special understanding for spaces and what might be created within them. Witnessing the unheralded wave of construction in China excited me and this growth has created a demand for young talent. Studying in the UK would provide me with an excellent qualification and a promising future in these Chinese industries due to the highly rated teaching and research marks your institution has attained, which I would take full advantage of in my academic life.

Whilst at school I attempted to develop personally as much as possible. My role as student leader and publicity director involved communication with teachers and students on managing Chinese student affairs. Leadership and organization were two of the most important skills that I actively developed during this time; these are of utmost importance when looking towards further study and will prove vital within my chosen career path as working both individually and within a group on projects requires constant self-motivation, dedication and teamwork.

Having played the piano to a high level since a young child my aptitude for concentration and attention to detail is second to none. This knowledge gives me confidence of success in both architecture and civil engineering as these two attributes are essential and I feel cannot be taught – only practiced. Playing the piano also allows me to offload the day’s stress and helps me to relax. Sport also functions for me in this way – running and table tennis keep me fit and are tools I value for keeping one focused and energized in everyday life. The continuation of these activities whilst at university will prove invaluable to my studies as architecture and civil engineering will be fairly desk based; accomplishment in these areas is reliant on positive mental application and concentration that comes to me when exercise is part of my routine.

In my leisure time I like to read newspapers online. I have a good ability with different computer software which will benefit my studies hugely as there will be much interaction with design software and digital aids; I am constantly developing my computer skills with this knowledge.

My achievements to date and my engagement with aspects of my chosen subjects display my keenness and positive attitude towards further education and professional life. Having spent my childhood and young adulthood admiring the influence of manmade constructions, I look forward to implementing my academic and imaginative skills to an eventual career in my chosen fields.

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