Architecture Personal Statement

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

Ever since buying my first home, I have been fascinated by the way in which the spaces in which we live become shaped. Any house that becomes a home subsequently becomes so much more than an arrangement of bricks and mortar, it becomes a vessel that is filled with the life of those that inhabit it. Having focused my talents for business and management on running my own successful business, I am now seeking to gain the necessary academic knowledge and experience that will allow me to combine these passions, interests, and skills in a rewarding future career in property and construction.

Having worked hard to balance significant sporting commitments with academic achievement during my time at school, I have proven myself to be a driven and enthusiastic student with the ability to do well across all subjects. After gaining a strong selection of GCSEs, I am now receiving private tutoring in Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Combined Sciences to ensure that I achieve the required standard of academic knowledge prior to starting study at undergraduate level. Aware that gaining the maximum amount of knowledge will benefit me in achieving my ultimate goal of running my own property company, I have also undertaken courses in Business Start Ups and Self Builds. These have given me a strong foundation for further study in the field.

Having run my own boxing promotion company I have also exhibited many of the skills that will allow me to make a success of a property company in the future. I took ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day features of running a business, such as balancing budgets and supervising staff. In addition, the unique nature of the business also required that I take a lead role in event planning, which also included designing seating and lighting plans for venues. Looking at the proposed fight venues from this practical perspective, and making sure that they were ultimately fit for purpose, also gave me an introduction to various methods of considering the design of buildings in relation to their specific uses, a principle I hope to learn more about through further study. My role also required that I maintain strong relationships and has given me an excellent grounding in the creation of successful business relationships, that will allow to me perform well throughout teamwork on the course and in my career beyond.

As a hardworking and determined individual I have always excelled in any field to which I have applied myself. As a young woman I had a successful athletics career, winning multiple regional and national championships and even appearing on television to discuss my sport. The guiding principles behind sporting achievement have affected my attitude to most things in life. I recognise the need for hard work and practice. Many people have asked me, recognising my experience with running a business, why I do not simply start a property company. Having appreciated the importance of training, however, I am aware that gaining knowledge and experience prior to working within a field is the way to ensure success. Having worked hard and achieved a level of success in both previous sporting and musical careers, I believe that now is that time for me focus on a new path but retain the same work ethic that has allowed me to achieve in the past. The choice to study in Australia also shows this thoughtful and meticulous approach to achieving my goals, as I would ultimately like to set up business there and learning those elements of the industry that are specific to Australia would help greatly in this.

Throughout my life I have shown myself to be a confident and capable person, with a positive attitude to hard work and an unwavering belief that I can achieve anything. Having recognised my passion, I believe that I will continue to apply the same guiding principles in studying construction and architecture and in my career beyond, to ensure that I achieve the same level of success in my chosen field.

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