Anaesthesiology Personal Statement

Sample Anaesthesiology Personal Statement

As a trained thoracic surgeon with extensive experience of working as part of a multi-disciplinary medical team, I have often observed the admirable skill and precision of my colleagues in anaesthesiology. Their control over their discipline, allowing them to skilfully keep the patient’s hemodynamics in range, their alertness and their ability to respond quickly to changes in circumstance were truly inspiring. Having proven that I possess similar abilities through my work practicing, researching and teaching within my field, I am now seeking a residency in anaesthesiology that will allow me to utilise my skills, knowledge and experience within this diverse and rewarding specialty.

My career in surgery began after qualifying in Medicine in my native Syria in 1996. Moving to the UK, working and studying in English in which I am now fluent, I undertook a Basic Surgical Residency in Oxford, Swindon and London. Passed by the Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board to practice medicine in the UK, I then went on to hold a Research Fellowship in General Surgery at Manchester Royal Infirmary, a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship with the Northwest of England Deanery. I also achieved membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow during my time in the UK. Having completed my ECFMG certificate, I then moved to the United States to take up a similar fellowship at Yale University Hospital.

Each of these positions allowed me to gain extensive surgical knowledge and skills, which will provide a greater perspective on the multi-disciplinary nature of surgical procedures. Covering the Intensive Care Unit regularly throughout my training, I have also learnt a great deal about the pathophysiology of a wide range of diseases and the acute management of critically ill patients. It is the skill and judgement required to undertake this acute assessment and management that I find most exciting about pursuing anaesthesiology as a specialty. Having taken part in creating rotas, call schedules, taking multi-disciplinary meetings and conducting risk managements and audits, these roles have also allowed me to hone my teamwork, leadership and management skills, adequately preparing me for the collaborative and administrative aspects of the role.

Having undertaken three years of research, I also have an enviable academic record, alongside my practical experience within the surgical field. This period of my career yielded the contribution of 2 chapters for textbooks, 3 peer-reviewed articles and more than 10 international presentations, covering a range of aspects within the field; including surgical techniques, pain management and anaesthetics. Involvement in a comparative study between techniques for the palliation of malignant gastric outlet obstruction demonstrated my ability to not only produce this final research output but also to take responsibility for all aspects of a medical trial; including obtaining literature, creating protocols, obtaining ethical and peer review, and arranging the recruitment, investigation and follow up for potential subjects.

Alongside my research in the field, I have also held a number of prominent teaching positions. I have taught on the Key Instruction in Surgical Skills and Basic Surgical Skills courses at Manchester Royal Infirmary, as well as working for a year as an Anatomy Demonstrator at Oxford University. These roles have improved my ability to communicate effectively with students and colleagues, as well as ensuring that I keep up to date with developments in my field.

The time is right to pursue a residency in anaesthesiology. On a personal level, I am keen to take a direct route to achieving accreditation in a specific discipline, rather than pursuing additional fellowships. More importantly, my knowledge and experience will bring a unique perspective, allowing me to offer additional skill and experience, alongside a healthy admiration for the subtleties and nuances of the specific field.

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