Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Adult Nursing Personal Statement

As a mature applicant to your course, I am supported by many years of dedicated career development, during which time I have built up my own skin clinic and salon businesses and established a passion for the field of dermatology. Many clients come to me for treatment of rosacea, acne and scarring and I find such work very rewarding, yet feel somewhat restricted by my current role. A degree in Adult Nursing would enable me to expand and hone my expertise, allowing a true fusion of my compassionate personality with my aptitude for hands-on scientific work. A future specialism in dermatology is my goal, as I have numerous very tangible inspirations in my life. My husband, for instance, suffers from Discoid Lupus, eczema and severe protein allergies but we have seen excellent results stemming from efficient care. Further firsthand experiences include aiding my mother through disseminated superficial Actinic Porokeratosis and the identification of pre-cancerous cells. Dann Montague-King, who influences much of the practice in the beauty industry, is famed for ‘stitching the aesthetic and medical worlds together’ and has played a significant part in inspiring my nursing ambitions. He also carries considerable academic merit, working with many premier surgeons to research cutting-edge skin therapies.

The director of training for Montague-King UK holds regular seminars at The Royal Society of Medicine in London and in Harley Street and through these I have been able to advance my understanding of IPL and laser techniques. I have also recently attended the dermatology research and information evening at Burnley General Hospital, which aimed to educate the audience (the majority being general practitioners) about a variety of skin conditions. All of these experiences have served to strengthen and encourage my pursuit of a nursing career and, having coped with the responsibility of owning several businesses over the years, I have already proven myself to be a highly organised individual full of initiative. Rewarded for my efforts with a number of prestigious industry awards, the nature of salon work has allowed my inherent communication and interpersonal skills to flourish and as well as leading and managing my staff I work with them closely in a dynamic team. My genuine enthusiasm for learning has seen me relish my return to education as an adult and I have been proactive in working for several relevant qualifications (I am currently completing my Access to H.E. Diploma in Science) and building a solid foundation of knowledge from which to progress.

Outside of my job and academia, I enjoy many adventurous sports such as white-water rafting and skydiving. I have a great love for flying and have demonstrated significant discipline and willingness to work hard in gaining my private pilot’s licence. Travelling has been a key interest of mine and has allowed me insight into medical practice around the world; for instance, when in Senegal I took the opportunity to visit a local hospital and learn about its organisation. I have also undertaken a period of work in Australia, at Melbourne’s esteemed Bio laser and Aesthetic Centre where I was able to explore the use of lasers and paramedical skin treatments. I am an avid charity supporter and fundraiser and have particularly concentrated on health-themed charities including Bridge for Life (training a new generation of African dentists). I am eager to attend university open days and was disappointed that my busy work and college schedules seemed to make this impossible. However, in my typically self-motivated style, I am now looking into arranging a private appointment to talk with university officials and current students, who will show me around the facilities. I am ready and willing to embrace the challenges that a career in Adult Nursing will bring and am committed to working within the N.H.S., fulfilling my true potential as a keen and valuable member of their staff.

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