Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Example Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Although I am a mature applicant, my motivation to enrol on and succeed in your course stems back as far as childhood. During my father’s illness when I was a child I watched the nursing team administering care in their dedicated and efficient manner and I thought that it must be harrowing to constantly watch over sick people and go through the pain of losing a patient. However, as I grew in maturity and understanding I came to realise that the vocation of nurse is a unique one in both its demands and satisfactions, with the capacity to be truly rewarding. I am now drawn to a career in nursing not in spite of its hardships but in some ways because of them: my willingness to dedicate myself to work, my love of challenge and enthusiasm for learning all point to medicine as a field where my true potential can be realised. If I can help patients and their families, touching their lives in the way that mine was touched, then the more difficult aspects of the job will serve only in building strength and determination. Making a difference, however small and however near the end of an individual’s life it comes, is worthwhile. Watching patients improve and recover as a result of my efforts would be a crowning achievement.

As an advanced fitness instructor and personal trainer, I am passionate about helping clients reach their health goals. Sports and exercise have played a considerable part in forming my character; I am self-disciplined and highly motivated, used to working towards targets. I find equal enjoyment as one of a team or acting as leader of a group and the nature of my job requires that I encourage others in accomplishing difficult tasks. Recently teaching a group of overweight fellow mums how to look after their bodies, I received much satisfying feedback about my tailored communication and involved style. My attentive and empathetic personality has also led me to work as a volunteer engaging with the wider community. I assist at two local groups, whose diverse memberships range from older people who have become isolated to those with physical or mental disabilities marking them out as vulnerable. My duties vary from organising games to supervising days out; however, I have found that one of my most important roles is simply acting as a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Proactive and positive in approach, I have progressed swiftly through several top industry qualifications including the fitness trainer award for nutrition, the national pool lifeguard certificate and many health and safety seminars with Trafford Council. Currently working on the Access to Health course, I am relishing my return to education and never tire of learning. I am particularly enthusiastic when it comes to exploring the topic of the human body; its complex mechanisms and the many factors that affect its function are a source of constant fascination. Your degree represents the crucial next step towards a nursing career, enabling me to expand my knowledge and hone expertise, raising my ability to help others to a higher level. I possess a realistic view of what life as a nursing student will be like, however, as I have attended university open days and taken care to question lecturers and current students.

In order to prepare for the depth and breadth of the academic workload, I have subscribed to several key journals. Consequently, I am eagerly anticipating my first year of study with the chance to focus on areas of anatomy and applied physiology. I am also looking forward to practical work placements, as I enjoy ‘hands-on’ experience and am sure that observing qualified nurses in a dynamic hospital environment will be incredibly valuable. After graduating from the Adult Nursing BSc, I aim to gain N.H.S. experience before completing the circle that began with my father’s illness and fulfilling my goal of training with MacMillan.

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