Adult Nursing Personal Statement 2

Sample Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Caring for my siblings from a young age has developed me in to a strong, supportive and resourceful individual. Compassion, empathy and health management are skills gained from work experience and education. With a passion for learning and self-development, I have the motivation to become a qualified nurse in the fast changing and demanding environment.

For three years, I have been a care assistant in Viridian Housing. Working in a care home environment, I actively encourage residents to be as independent as possible. This includes conversing with patients in terms they could easily understand, to make informed choices about their daily lives. Developing my communication skills, I am able to effectively build strong, trusting relationships, by understanding their needs; I was able to deliver high quality care while they maintain their dignity.

As a care assistant, I was responsible for setting up equipment and working directly with patients in carrying out routine personal care duties. This involved identifying the patient’s special needs, assisting in activities and helping with physical tasks. Honing my organisational skills, it was important to establish daily routines that best fit with the patients needs.

Residents presented a range of challenges, which required me to use problem solving skills and be decisive in the course of action. Limited mobility and debilitating illnesses cause people to become anxious, stressed, withdrawn and aggressive, therefore, I have developed the ability to manage these tensions with various communication techniques.

Effective teamwork and clear communication skills were important in the smooth running of the care home. Regular contact with healthcare professionals, such as nurses, social services and GP’s, ensured I maintained accurate records and provided prompt notification of any changes in health. Residents presented a range personalities, attitudes and challenges; therefore, sensitivity to different backgrounds is an important factor when providing care to vulnerable people. Working closely with residents, required the use of initiative, flexibility and reliability in supporting the team.

With experience and desire to further my career in healthcare, I gained trust and responsibility in my role as an assistant. Under supervision, I assist with the administration of medication to service users. Providing hands-on support to qualified professionals in the care home, I have gained true insight in to the responsibilities, challenges and trust, nurses experience.

Maintaining personal and professional development is important to my career, therefore I take regular training courses to improve my knowledge and skills in healthcare, such as health and safety, hygiene, equality and diversity. I naturally apply skills gained from the NVQ, from planning, monitoring, prevention and protection of patients, to effective physical and emotional support. I have a passion for understanding people and how science and technology can aid recovery and treatment. I believe Adult Nursing is the next step in my career to effectively give people the care they need.

In my free time, I enjoy keeping fit. This helps me to relax and focus on my personal health and wellbeing. I believe it is important to maintain a high level of personal care, so to ensure I work at my optimum in a demanding environment.

Being a care assistant in a nursing home has given me a solid understanding of what it takes to become a successful and effective nurse. With my experience, education and personal skills, I believe I am an ideal candidate to further my study in Adult Nursing. I wish to share my innate desire to help and care for people, making a positive impact within the community.

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