actuarial science personal statement

Sample Actuarial Science Personal Statement

The study of Actuarial Science allows me to combine my passion of mathematics and statistics. I have a natural ability to analyse contributing variables and assess risk with mathematical reasoning, finance, economics and computer programming. Understanding historical data and modern actuary methods will allow for intelligent foresight and perspective. I wish to develop my understanding of financial security systems to positively contribute to the future of finance.

Having pursued Mathematics with Statistics at the University of Asmara, I have gained a firm grounding in mathematics, chemistry, economics and probability. These core skills and high level computer literacy are applicable to the study of Actuarial Science. I am confident working with numbers, formulas and applying problem solving methods to various scenarios. Learning outcomes include compiling and categorising data, verify factors and ensure the accuracy of information data.

Higher education of Actuarial Science will build on these skills and apply these to real financial problems. I wish to understand more about pricing financial derivatives, fund management, quantitative investment research. I am specifically interested in the insurance industry, using actuary methods to reveal patterns damages caused by accidents, and predict how this can affect the future and plan for future events.

Successfully completing an internship as a Mathematics Teacher, I have gained a range of professional and interpersonal skills. As a teacher of mathematics, it was essential to fully understand the subject areas by breaking it down in to smaller sections. This allowed me to articulate the processes for students. With areas that were difficult to comprehend, I had to use creative teaching techniques for the students to fully understand. This role highlighted my ability to present difficult information clearly and be patient and understand different learning styles. These skills are essential when studying and working with others.

I have gained a range of work experience which has developed my commercial awareness and life skills. As a Teacher’s Coordinator, I applied my organisation and prioritisation skills to ensure the smooth running of the faculty. Being a Warehouse Assistant Manager, I was responsible for stock inventory, forecasting stock levels and order management.

Assisting in a research project, I was responsible for collecting and analysing agricultural data. The collection process involved primary and secondary data to gain a full understanding of the current situation. Analysis of trends allowed me to produce a forecasting report, in which the company was able to make decisions. This project has given me the opportunity to carefully consider Actuary Science as a career path, allowing me to, plan for future problems and control future problems.

I enjoy meeting new people and understanding new cultures. Being elected captain of the school football team, I was responsible for training, schedules and competitions. This gave me experience of initiative, leadership and responsibility, while developing my ability to work as part of a team.

Studying Actuarial Science is the next step in my career to becoming an established player in the financial and insurance industries. As science moves forward at a rapid pace, this university will provide the industry expertise and resources to be a successful international actuary. Having studied modules in English, I will be able to effectively contribute to classes, write detailed assignments and hold presentations.

Combining my mathematical background, problem solving skills and determination – I believe I am a strong candidate to successfully complete this course and gain an influential career as a data analyst. Actuary Science provides a high level of intellectual satisfaction, wide range of employment opportunities across the world, while making a significant difference to the future of businesses and financial markets.

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