Actuarial Science Personal Statement

Sample Actuarial Science Personal Statement

I have possessed a passion for mathematics and problem-solving from a young age; I found that I was fascinated by the way in which numbers were used diversely to tackle problems both big and small. S. Gadder once said that “the essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple”, and I have been influenced by this quote throughout my academic career. My inquisitive mind naturally seeks solutions when posed with a problem, and my enjoyment of numerical investigation helps me to focus and commit to this subject. I wish to apply my mathematical abilities within a profession where my strong points of theory and logic can be used to solve real world problems.

I believe that the study of Actuarial Science, and a future career as a professional actuary, will give me the opportunity to utilise my skills in a beneficial and engaging fashion. I strongly believe that actuaries play a very important and essential role in predicting and shaping the state of the economy of any country. Each sector of this profession is equally important, though my particular interest lies within the pension and insurance sectors. I enjoy reading actuarial magazines, available from, which have given me a great amount of insight into a career as an actuary.

I come from a highly academic family. Most of my relatives have attended University, and I am inspired by my Mother who is about to complete her Masters degree. I have always aspired to go into higher education as I wish to gain useful knowledge and skills that I can turn into a successful and rewarding career. My academic record is flawless: I achieved an A* in Maths and GCSE level and I am predicted to attain A*s in both Maths and Chemistry at A level, as well as an A in Biology and a B in Further Maths. I have found that even the study of scientific subjects such as chemistry has encouraged me towards a career as an actuary, as I find the most enjoyable aspects of this subject to be problem solving and analytical work.

I am a dedicated student and will stop at nothing in order to improve my knowledge and extend my abilities. In my spare time I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh silver award and taken part in the national Maths Challenge. I have also completed the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness which helped to develop my teamwork, leadership and organisational qualities. My language skills are extensive and I am fluent in English, French, Hindi, Creole French and Bhojpuri. My aptitude for language will help my future career in our multicultural society, and proves that I have the ability to learn quickly and effectively.

Alongside my academic success I have a number of extra-curricular accomplishments and activities. I have engaged in charity work, raising money for Cancer Marie Curie and volunteering in two of my local charity shops. I found that this work improved my interpersonal skills, and time management. I developed these skills through helping to organise fundraising parties while at school, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue such activities at university. I am also eager to take advantage of the clubs and societies offered by the university. I am a keen tennis and football player, and I enjoy playing the violin in order to relax: I hope that I can contribute these hobbies to the university.

I believe I have the ideal mindset, personality and dedication to be successful as an actuary. Upon completing this degree I plan to study for a Masters of Science in Actuarial Science before joining an actuarial firm. I hope to complete the actuarial exams from the Faculty and Institute of Actuary to ensure I meet the required professional standards. I am confident that the pursuit of an actuarial career will be both enjoyable and rewarding to me as I will be putting my skills to the best use possible. I am prepared to work hard to achieve my goals, and I am dedicated to this subject and profession.

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