Actuarial Science Personal Statement

Sample Actuarial Science Personal Statement

Having discovered a natural affinity for Mathematics when I began college as a mature student a few years ago, I was inspired to pursue a career in Actuarial Science. I want to be part of a profession with a focus on continual learning and development, and which enables me to combine my interests in business, finance and economics.

My research into the course modules has shown me an Actuarial Science degree requires exactly the type of rigorous Mathematics that I most enjoy. During a university open day I had the opportunity to experience a typical Maths class in which we used calculus and bespoke statistics software to calculate the number of dinosaurs over a given period. I loved the logical approach to solving intricate problems. I decided to complete an additional year of college in order to study Further Maths and improve my Accountancy grade. I am prepared to put this hard work in now to secure a better future for myself. Given the language barrier I have dedicated additional effort to my studies, such as extensive reading of textbooks and internet resources to teach myself about hypothesis testing, the divine proportion and the Fibonacci sequence. In addition to academic knowledge I have acquired key skills which will help me succeed at university level and beyond, such as an organised, methodical approach to research. In our small classes we work as a team, assisting and supporting each other. I enjoy being able to explain complex concepts to my classmates.

I find it fascinating that actuarial calculations can use various parameters including stress, health and debt levels to predict the probability of a person dying. Similarly, I have enjoyed reading beyond the scope of my Business Studies A-level about the various predictions economists made regarding the current global financial crisis. For example, Peter Schiff’s radical arguments about the dangers of government intervention, and his analysis of why Japan’s economy remained strong. I also found Jim Rogers’ ideas about the economic power shift and potential future markets and investment areas particularly interesting. Niall Ferguson’s ‘Ascent of Money’ TV series enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the way the banking system corrupted the global economy, and the consequences of sub-prime mortgages. I also learnt a lot about business through my first hand experience of running an online enterprise selling basketball shoes with my brother. We currently have about 160 monthly active users. I look forward to being able to draw on my wide knowledge of business and the economy during an Actuarial Science degree.

In my spare time I am passionate about music. I reached the final of a national Nepalese guitar competition in 2002 and have played in various bands. I am currently learning classical guitar and jazz music theory. My musical interests have taught me to appreciate art, and enabled me to meet a diverse range of people.

I am a strong believer in using the skills I have to help others, and gained great satisfaction from volunteering at ‘Positive Voice’, a Nepalese NGO which runs an HIV awareness program for illiterate drug users and prostitutes. Having worked hard to overcome difficult situations in my past I could empathise with these people, and tried to encourage them to turn their fear into strength. The challenges I have overcome in moving to the UK with no qualifications and starting a new life have filled me with the self-belief that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I truly appreciate the value of education, and want to study among the best students from all over the world, both for the academic stimulation it will give me and the pride it will give my family. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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