Accounts and Finance Personal Statement

Accounts and Finance Personal Statement example

I wish to become professionally qualified chartered accountant. Studying Accounts and Finance is the next step towards this goal. I believe my education, skills and love of numbers are qualities which make me an ideal candidate to embark on a career in the field of accountancy.

I understand and will enjoy the demands of the degree course. I wish to gain a thorough understanding of finance and accounting within the wider context of business and management. The content will provide relevant education prior to commencing professional qualifications and training at work. The university has a strong reputation for academic achievement, links with industry and graduate employment.

Studying Mathematics at A Level has developed skills I can use at university and at work. I find I have strong use of my left brain. Logic, sequences, rationality, analysis and attention to detail are skills which are natural to me. My numeracy skills have been used every day. I am able to quickly understand and make use of numerical and statistical data. Critically analysing information requires use of formulas and equations. Establishing commonalities and anomalies in important data is important for businesses. I find I am methodical with work, where I apply logic and reasoning to ensure the results are accurate. I wish to develop these skills, as I believe they are central for studying finance and accounts.

I understand accountancy and finance requires excellent communication skills. I enjoy working with others in a team, towards a common goal. Independent learning allows me to process and reflect on new concepts and approaches to work. I wish to further my knowledge and experience at university. I look forward to meeting new people who are also interested in finance, accounting and business.

Finance and accounting is based on numbers, logic and correct answers. This applies to any industry, in any country and transcends language barriers. As an international student, the degree course offers me the opportunity to work around the world. I have successfully completed my IELTS course and am confident I can learn effectively in English taught lectures and seminars.

Working in a Children’s Art Centre has developed a range of skills which I can use at university. Working with children means I have to explain new ideas in a clear and articulate manner. This demonstrates leadership, patience and presentation skills. Supporting a group of children requires a high level of responsibility, where organisation and leadership contributes to creating a successful Art Centre. Developing my communication and creative skills exercises the right side of my brain, allowing for lateral and holistic thinking. I am keen to partake in an industrial placement where I can apply new skills and gain experience in an accounting department.

In my free time I enjoy sports such as squash, hockey and swimming. Physical exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind, relieving tension so to focus better at work. I enjoy working in a team and facing new challenges. I wish to continue these sports at university. I also keep up to date with business and financial news, reading the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Understanding the stock market and business trends will be beneficial to study, as I can apply theories to current situations.
Accounts and Finance degree will provide academic and professional achievement, helping prepare me as an international chartered accountant. I also wish to complete the ACCA and CIMA awards to further my professional status, skills and employability. High motivation, hard work and passion for numbers are key factors to becoming successful at university and future career.

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