Accounting, Finance and Economics Personal Statement

Example Accounting, Finance and Economics Personal Statement

Exemplary academic achievement, work experience and personal skills are qualities in which I believe make me an ideal candidate to study Accounting and Finance, and Economics. This course offers me the best opportunity for me to embark on a professional financial career in the dynamic and global business world we live.

I am seeking a high level career in the financial industry, with the goal of leading a department or company to greater success. Accounting, finance and economics are subjects which complement each other, combining the modern practice of financial management in organisations, advanced computational skills and analytical methods. I wish to develop and apply these techniques to a various range of problems companies face. This course will provide a thorough understanding of finance, accounting and economics, within the wider context of business, management and the economy.

Completing a summer internship with Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co. Ltd, is a global clothing manufacturer. As assistant to the general manager, I was given responsibility to look after an important customer, GAP. Liaising with senior merchandisers and taking orders has greatly increased my confidence in communicating with a variety of stakeholders, while exponentially improving my English language skills. Co-workers and customers were impressed with my excellent organisational skills and accurate costing during negotiations. This experience has given me insight in to how a large manufacturing company meets global demands, business finance and organisation, in which I can apply to the course.

With exemplary exam results in mathematics and physics, I demonstrate a high level of numeracy, analytical and methodical skills. Understanding, manipulating and applying use of numerical and statistical data is a natural ability in which I have developed. Within finance and accounting, prudence is important, therefore, I am able to critically examine information before accepting it. I approach work in a logical manner with a high level of attention to detail. I believe these are important skills for the study of finance and economics. I wish to develop these skills further for a more sophisticated approach to study and work.

I am a great advocate of teamwork as it promotes new perspectives, challenges and involvement in a collective goal. I regularly organised successful school projects to help the local community from raising money for charity to cleaning public roads. Here I also demonstrated initiative and leadership, qualities of an aspiring business person. I am highly capable of independent study, where I use this time to absorb, reflect and evaluate new ideas and concepts.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, achieving the highest award by Zhejiang Music Grade Examination Committee of Zhejiang Musicians, receiving an official member certificate after six years of dedication. I have learnt a great deal of discipline and a broader way of thinking.

Studying in the United Kingdom, I will completely immerse myself within the financial centre of the world. This offers me the opportunity to realise my dream of becoming a high calibre account executive or financial consultant. With my vast array of academic and personal skills, and excellent IELTS scores (listening 7.0, writing 7.0, speaking and reading 6.0), I am committed to achieving great results at this university. Currently studying in the UK, I am confident I will succeed on this higher education course, as I have taken taught lessons and exams in English.

I am keen to share my current knowledge and skills with likeminded peers, and learn from esteemed academic professors and industry professionals. This course will provide the professional accreditation, skills and knowledge needed to pursue post-graduate studies, and become a confident and successful player in the modern business world.

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