Accountancy Personal Statement

Sample Accountancy Personal Statement

With a businessman father as my perpetual inspiration, I have grown up surrounded by numbers and balancing figures quickly and accurately is second nature to me. Witnessing at close hand the meticulous calculations that keep independent businesses afloat, I am instilled with a strong respect for good accountancy and a keen desire to understand the full scope of its function within the financial sector. A wonderful sense of clarity seems to pervade; records for a single household are managed in much the same way as larger accounts (even those as significant as the Treasury) and there is something very compelling in this.

A conscientious individual, I have undertaken much private reading around the subject, recently enjoying ‘Accounting: An Introduction’ and ‘Financial Accounting for Decision Makers’ by McLaney and Atrill. In my extended Baccalaureate project I am focusing on accountancy, detailing both its history and advances in the field. To support this theoretical knowledge and my academic achievements (I was awarded several commendation certificates for my AS results) I have also been proactive in seeking out practical work placements. Four week-long business internships have really granted me insight into the working life of an accountant and I carefully chose organisations with contrasting set-ups and goals; two independent accountancy firms, a shares dealership and a business banking centre. I emerged with a greatly developed idea of the diverse realities of the job, including various aspects of preparing accounts and how to use them to inform lending decisions. Attending a Price Waterhouse Coopers workshop was of particular benefit, leaving me more convinced than ever that I suit the rigours involved in daily dedication to numbers and book-keeping.

As part of the group awarded gold in the national Young Direct Marketing Awards, I enjoy taking on personal challenges centring on teamwork and organisation. I have since finished a school-based management course where I was selected to lead my peers. I also push myself hard on the sports field, competing county-wide in various disciplines, completing a Sports Leadership course and captaining my school athletics team all whilst remaining an active member of a well-regarded local club. Since achieving success in the notorious Duke of Edinburgh Awards, I have attended a specialist athletics camp, where I again exercised my teamwork abilities. A good deal of my spare time is dedicated to volunteering with the Girl Guiding Association and I have taken special responsibility for the unit’s budgeting and accounts maintenance. My experiences with this organisation have helped considerably in forming my mature attitude and I am on my way to achieving Young Leader status. I see myself forging a balance in my life as a student by continuing my hobbies, including outdoor activity and volunteering but also featuring music, as I play both guitar and piano.

Part-time working has helped to develop my communication and interpersonal skills to the highest level and I believe that this will stand me in good stead as an accountant, where I will often be required to cooperate with others in office environments yet retain my ability to innovate. I have been recognised by the head of my sixth form as contributing a lot to school life and have consequently been appointed to the hotly-contested role of prefect. So, in addition to expanding my areas of expertise, studying hard and enjoying everything your course has to offer, I am confident that I will also have much to give in return. In the pursuit of all my ambitious long-term goals, your university stands out for me; chiefly in the strength of the reputation of its finance and accountancy departments but also in more pastoral aspects (such as the appealing diversity within the student body). I believe that your course will equip me with the skills I need whilst fuelling my natural passion for my subject and helping me to fulfil my true potential.

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