Accountancy and Finance Personal Statement

Sample Accountancy and Finance Personal Statement

“Globalisation is forcing companies to do things in new ways.”- Bill Gates

My curiosity for business was roused from an early age as I observed my family’s enterprises and began to appreciate the economic structure in which both small and large businesses operate. Our national and international business climates are in a constant state of change, with increasing opportunities for growth, and now more than ever a need for fluent economic management to avoid losses. Having supplemented my personal experience of basic economic principles through my A-level studies and additional reading, I am excited by the possibility of change and innovation in the financial world and have become enthused to study Accountancy and Finance, after originally embarking on an Economics and Planning degree, which confirmed to me my specialist focus on the accounting aspects of business. I am keen to develop the skills required to help maximise business efficiency and profitability in our recovering economy.

As Accountancy was only offered at my school to AS-level, I deepened my knowledge through reading books such as Frank Wood’s “Business Accounting”. The growth and financial objectives of firms are fascinating in a modern context; entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates began operating in a system still untapped by the possibilities of the internet and globalisation, yet today even virtual businesses can be massively profitable. I enjoy grappling with concepts such as management accounting and accounting ratios, to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of efficiency, and my coursework argued that firms must seize the evolving opportunities to achieve productive efficiency and profit maximisation, through keeping up with innovations. As a Financial Assistant for my own family’s company I deal with journals, bank reconciliation and remittance, and find that my theoretical knowledge is greatly enhanced through practice. A placement year would be an ideal opportunity to work within a larger company structure and observe aspects of management within different industries, as well as benefit and learn from a wider set of resources and expertise. I would also welcome the chance to gain membership of AAT through my course, in order to maximise my professional development.

I find fund-raising a rewarding outlet for practising accountancy: following the earthquake in China in 2008, I helped organise a fundraising event as a member of the Charity Club in my school and was in charge of bookkeeping, a crucial role in guaranteeing funds and making the event a success. I also helped raise money for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami victims. My experiences have not only focused my ambitions, but greatly enhanced my interpersonal skills and taught me cooperation and communication with different types of people from colleague to client.

Having studied A-Level Maths I am better able to analyse figures and make complex calculations. Chemistry has allowed me to explore the principles of the world from a scientific perspective, adapting my mind to lateral thinking. Beyond my subjects in school I have a real thirst for broadening my knowledge, and gained 2nd prize in the National Encyclopaedic Quiz Competition in my country. For relaxation and self expression I enjoy art and previously won 1st prize in the’Star Cup’ national arts competition.

Business revolves around self-motivation, commitment and setting goals as high as possible. Bill Gates set out with only the basic tools and knowledge required, but his self-belief drove Microsoft to become one of the most extraordinary success stories of the 20th century. I have set my own goals high and firmly believe that passion, numerical skills and a methodical approach are the keys not just to successful Accountancy, but in turn to the continued development of the economy on a global scale. I have the potential to turn these qualities into valuable assets and look forward to an exciting future in Accountancy and Finance.

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