Finding the right apprenticeship

Finding an apprenticeship upon leaving school has become an increasingly popular choice for young people. Working full-time in as an apprentice gives you the opportunity to train for a vocation whilst being paid and experiencing for yourself – on a daily basis – what working life will be like in your chosen sector. There are a multitude of fantastic opportunities available for people who are willing to put in h... Read more

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Finding the right university course

Choosing a university course is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. If you are lucky enough to be someone who is – and has been for a long time – absolutely certain of the correct course and career choice for you – then that is fantastic! But, for the vast majority of school leavers and prospective students, the possibilities seem endless and this can be a bit of an onerous task.

University Open Days

University Open Days

If you are applying for university this year, you are likely to have a lot of questions and will be anxious to make sure that you are making the right decision for you – and for your future. Universities know this and want to give students the knowledge to make informed decisions – as well as to convince you that their institution stands out! Read more

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How to choose a university and prepare

‘How do I choose a university?’, is a question that we hear time and time again from prospective students who find themselves overwhelmed by the choices on offer. Choosing a university is no small task and we advise our clients to take a calm and methodical approach. As with anything, the more information you have – the better prepared you are to make informed choices. Universities differ hugely in terms of life on cam... Read more

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Events this summer with Central Events

Sam Newall is the Managing Director of one of Scotland’s largest marquee hire companies, Central Events. The company was founded by Sam and has grown to be one of the most trusted, reliable and successful marquee brands. Before starting his own company, Sam continued his education at the University of Stirling studying for a BA in Business Studies and completing the course in 2012.   We caught up with Sam to ask him about his experie... Read more
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Apprenticeships and the Run-up to the 2015 UK General Election

As the 2015 UK general election draws closer, so does the rhetorical fracas emanating from each conflicting political party on matters that we, the public, hold dearly. One concern that is gathering significant amount of coverage of late is the subject of apprenticeships. All three parties, the Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats, have been vocal about the growing need for apprenticeships, and the important role that they provide for the yo... Read more
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Are Apprenticeships the Future of Further Education?

The university experience is, for many people, one that they will remember with great fondness throughout their lives. It is a time that affords young people the opportunity to live away from home, to engage with a diverse range of people, and to dedicate themselves to exploring a subject of their choosing. Moreover, entry into certain professions, such as medicine, of course requires that individuals have studied at university. The traditional context of higher education can be, therefore, b... Read more
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Studying for an Economics Degree

There are few subjects you can study which have such an immediate relevance to everyday life as Economics. Everybody's lives are affected by it, and most decisions by governments are taken after they have consulted their economic advisers. The history of economic thought is very interesting, and a subject in its own right, but we only have to look at events since 2008 to see how deeply we are all affected by things that happen here and now in the world of Economics. Read more
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Results Day

Your results are here. Your school and college career is finally over. You are ecstatic, quietly satisfied, or wretched at the grades you have been awarded. If you have achieved the grades you wanted, or expected, or needed to win the university place you had set your hopes on, congratulations, the problem is behind you. Nothing more needs to be said. Go and start packing for your stay in the remote town you never imagined you would spend three years of your life in. Read more
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