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, London,

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BA (Hons) Ceramic Design

London, London KIS Course Id: CSMBACERF01 KIS Aim Code: 000 UCAS Course Id: A14-B34

BA (Hons) Ceramic Design course is provided by University of the Arts, London and is available Full Time, you can visit University of the Arts, London website to find out more information and how to apply.

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Job Titles

Students who completed this course went onto the following employment roles:

31% Design occupations

11% Sales occupations

6% Administrative occupations

8% Business and public service associate professionals

7% Managers, directors and senior officials

4% Skilled trades occupations

6% Artistic, literary and media occupations

3% Elementary occupations

3% Information technology and telecommunications professionals

3% Media professionals

Course Stats

83% Overall Satisfaction
NO DATA Time in Lectures
NO DATA Course Work
NO DATA Average Uni Accommodation
NO DATA Private Accommodation
87% Go on to work or study
85% Employed after 6 months
£21,667 Average Salary
136 Average UCAS Points
< 120 Lowest UCAS Points
5% 1st Class Degree

National Student Survey Question's

The teaching on my course

92% Staff are good at explaining things

88% Staff have made the subject interesting

75% The course is intellectually stimulating

83% My course has challenged me to achieve my best work

Learning Opportunities

88% My course has provided me with opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth

88% My course has provided me with opportunities to bring information and ideas together from different topics

88% My course has provided me with opportunities to apply what I have learnt

Assessment & Feedback

83% The criteria used in marking have been clear in advance

88% Marking and assessment has been fair

92% Feedback on my work has been timely

83% I have received helpful comments on my work

Academic Support

83% I have been able to contact staff when I needed to

78% I have received sufficient advice and guidance in relation to my course

83% Good advice was available when I needed to make study choices on my course

Organisation & Management

67% The course is well organised and running smoothly

63% The timetable works efficiently for me

75% Any changes in the course or teaching have been communicated effectively

Learning Resources

67% The IT resources and facilities provided have supported my learning well

88% The library resources (e.g. books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well

100% I have been able to access course-specific resources (e.g. equipment, facilities, software, collections) when I needed to

Learning Community

88% I feel part of a community of staff and students

96% I have had the right opportunities to work with other students as part of my course

Student Voice

88% I have had the right opportunities to provide feedback on my course

92% Staff value students’ views and opinions about the course

88% It is clear how students’ feedback on the course has been acted on

Students' Union

57% The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests

Overall Satisfaction

83% Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course


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