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Met Film School

Who Are We?

Met Film School is located in the prestigious and world-reknowned Ealing Studios; Some of you may recognise this as the place which Downton Abbey, Prince of Persia, Star Wars and other extremely well known masterpieces have been filmed!

Opportunities and learning at our establishment is without doubt, a practical experience. From the get-go we will expect you to get out there and get filming! (That is what film school is all about after all!) This will ensure you get a really solid grounding in the technical aspects involved with filming, such as learning to use equipment and software. All the while, you will be guided by experienced industry professionals with the expertise to ensure that you get the most out of our carefully constructed first-class film making courses and resources.

We are not your average film school, Met Film's counterparts: Met Film Production and Met Film Post, are award winning production companies! If you have a passion for making films, we have the proven ability to provide students with one of the best learning environments available.

You can visit our website here for more information and to check out our range of courses and opportunities.


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