Physics Personal Statement

Sample Physics Personal Statement

Following an intense discussion about a ‘New Scientist’ article, my Physics teacher gave me Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman’s autobiography, which ignited my passion for Physics. I was captivated by his exciting life in science, filled with adventures and discoveries. My subsequent research into other great scientists made me realise that the best physicists are simultaneously philosophers, inventors and sculptors, and that my knowledge of Economics, Philosophy and Maths will help me follow in their footsteps.

I have always had a natural affinity for scientific thinking and logic. My grandmother, an ex-USSR space projects programmer, taught me cards, chess and lateral thinking from an early age. These skills have helped me stand out in the classroom, drawing diagrams to find and explain my answers and using my initiative to design experiments. I have a meticulous attention to detail which enables me to collect accurate results, to which I then apply the theory. I am fascinated by theoretical Physics, which I read about extensively beyond my IB syllabus. I enjoy reading about the experimental aspects of quantum physics and my studies of Feynman inspired me to learn more about quantum electrodynamics. I am keen to learn more about the detection and possible uses of magnetic monopoles. I have also read numerous books by Stephen Hawkins and Michio Kaku, which have roused my interest in the concept of M-theory and the way it contradicts the Big Bang and Inflation. As the Vice-Chairman of my school’s ‘Quantum Society’ I have organised lectures by leading academics and trips, such as to a particle accelerator in Oxford. I have also delivered lectures myself, including [give example(s) of topics].

My work experience as a Laboratory Assistant gave me an insight into the practical applications of Physics. I worked in a research and testing facility, helping to plan and model different conditions in order to assess the fragility of the devices, set up experiments and collate date. It was fascinating to compare the often unpredictable results with mathematical models, and I learnt how to understand the reasons for failure and adapt my techniques in order to progress. My curiosity for discovery made this challenging experience very satisfying, and I look forward to applying my skills to advance science in future. Ultimately, I want to design the next generation of weapons such as wave-weapons or discover a new and safe source of energy. My language skills (fluent Russian and English, intermediate French and Mandarin) will enable me to take advantage of the global opportunities Physics offers.

I love sharing my enthusiasm for Physics with others, which my role as a volunteer mentor to Year 5 to 8 boys at two local schools enables me to do. I have developed the ability to explain complex Maths and Physics concepts in simple terms in a fun and engaging way.

My excellent time-management skills enable me to balance strong academic performance with a wide range of extra-curricular activities and responsibilities. At school I am the Secretary of the Charities Committee, which involves managing other committee members, organising and chairing meetings, controlling financial transactions and taking part in events such as the ‘Santa Run’ sponsored marathon. I also run my boarding house shop and was Vice-Head of HR if my Young Enterprise Team, through which I developed the good communication, teamwork and leadership skills which are essential when working in a Physics laboratory on research projects. In my spare time I manage, market, play bass and write and sing songs for a rock band.

I am a highly self-motivated and ambitious student, who learns quickly, thinks laterally, and is prepared to work as hard as it takes to achieve my goals.

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