Business Personal Statement

Example Business Personal Statement

For a chance to truly excel in the world of business, I must strive to enrich my knowledge and understanding of the subject. I am eager to learn more about the behaviour of organisations, and about wider considerations such as environments, markets, and processes, and the ways in which these factors interlink. With my practical experience, and a proven academic grounding in the subject, I believe that I am the ideal candidate for the course. I am a diligent, flexible and enthusiastic individual, and I take immense pride in my work. I have an extremely critical eye, and all the basic fundamental skills necessary to underpin my natural flair and confidence.

My passion for business and management was ignited five years ago, when I became involved in the operations of my family’s small retail business. Being immersed in a commercial environment taught me a great deal about the structure and organisation of an individual enterprise. I also gained valuable experience of managing financial resources and handling risk. My involvement was extremely hands on, and I came away with a wealth of practical skills. Starting off within a small organisation was an incredibly beneficial experience, as I was free to participate in every aspect of its workings. This summer, I had the opportunity to observe a business functioning on a slightly larger scale, when I undertook employment in the events and meetings department of a Hotel. This role also provided me with excellent experience of working within a team.

My fascination with the business world has also been stimulated by a profound engagement with current affairs. In recent years, I have paid particularly close attention to the property market, looking at the ways in which the current economic climate has affected trends in personal property investment. I am particularly interested in the lucrative opportunities for investment in the market while prices remain low.

I have honed the various interests I have developed through rigorous academic study, which, I am confident, will act as a solid foundation at a higher level. I have obtained an Access to Higher Education qualification in Business, which has led me to a more formal understanding of the subject through engagement with theoretical ideas and examinations of a wide variety of case studies. I have also achieved a qualification in Information Technology. My impeccable computer skills, combined with my extensive knowledge of digital media are the perfect accompaniments to my knowledge of the business world. In addition to excellent numeracy and communications skills, my technological strengths are bound to stand me in good stead within my chosen field of study.

Beyond the classroom, I have enjoyed testing out my potential within a friendly, yet competitive environment. Last year, I headed up a team in the Make Your Mark Challenge, organised by Enterprise UK. As a team, our task was to develop a product, and then to produce a financial forecast, allowing us to analyse the product’s potential. This encouraged me to work creatively and to take risks, which, in turn, bolstered my confidence in my abilities. Furthermore, the experience of taking charge of a group taught me a great deal about the responsibilities involved in leadership, direction, and delegation.

After completing a university course, I hope to progress into the role of branch manager or administrative manager at a Bank. I am attracted to the multidirectional demands of these sorts of positions that involve managing a specific team of people and its operations within a larger organization. Before undertaking this sort of responsibility, I believe that I would benefit significantly from learning more about my chosen field in a higher education environment. I am confident that with my extensive skill set and life experience, in addition to my academic accomplishments, I am perfectly equipped to make the most of the opportunity.

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