Business Personal Statement

Example Business Personal Statement

I come from a family with a long tradition of working in the world of business administration. Members of two generations before me on my father’s side have studied at university and qualified as chartered accountants, and the concerns of business, finance, banking and trade have surrounded me and been part of my life from my childhood. What really grasps my attention now is the clear evidence that the world of business is changing, and the marketplace is becoming increasingly global. Companies whose interests until a short time ago were confined to local markets are now dealing with suppliers and purchasers across the world, the result mainly of technological change. To succeed in this newly competitive world demands specialist knowledge and training, but the rewards are potentially immense, and I should like to spend my career exploring the opportunities offered by this quite new version of business. My ambition is to work in an international company, or possibly in a body such as the United Nations, for which reason I am studying Spanish in the hope of becoming effectively bilingual. It is a challenging, but also a thrilling prospect.

The work experience I have undertaken in the business world has helped me to understand the sort of material I shall need to master in a degree course. I need to learn the principles of financial accounting, of business communication, the basics of economics, such as the differences between micro- and macro-economics, the qualities needed in the business team leader, the ethics of business, and the essentials of marketing. The core functional areas of management need to be mastered, as well as the nature of organizational behaviour. I appreciate the complexity of what I hope to take on, but I also feel that the reward is both intellectual and practical. A good degree course will be the way in to a lifetime of personal and professional fulfilment.

Work experience has given me a taste of the commercial world, and inspired my interest and ambition. I recently did an internship at GHB Accountants and Auditors, and I am now working as a part-time assistant book-keeper. Being able to begin to understand the technicalities of accounting and financial records is fascinating and exciting. The theory suddenly becomes practice! I have spent time in my family’s finance and accounting firm, working with a cooperative team as well as operating at times on my own, trying new ideas for the improvement of customer service. With my mother I have set up a new e-commerce business, which has given me striking insights into the world of internet sales, and the issues involved in setting up a website. It also involves negotiations with the bank about payment options, and even making transport arrangements.

Outside the classroom, and the business environment which is so much part of my family life, I have many interests. I am a strong swimmer, and have represented my school nationally in this sport as well as in rowing. I have a national lifesaving qualification, and I am also a runner. This is in spite of suffering severe medical problems in my early life, which required hospitalization and several operations. I believe that this experience has led me to develop inner strengths and powers of determination to achieve things, which I feel sure, are important qualities for the career I hope to pursue. I have also worked as a volunteer in a children’s nursery, organizing art and craft classes and running a fitness programme.

I am an ambitious and industrious individual, and a very determined student with a strong belief in the importance of hard work. I also feel strongly in the importance of self-reliance and individual independence, although I am also very appreciative of the support of friends and family during the difficult times in my life. Part of my enthusiasm for business comes from a deep belief that a successful enterprise can be a force for social good, and that it can improve people’s lives and offer a better future to many. A degree course in the subject would be my first and essential step towards this goal, and I hope you will consider my application.

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