Business and Management Personal Statement

Example Business and Management Personal Statement

My father’s entrepreneurial career has provided me with an excellent initial exposure to the corporate world. Through this immersion in business life I have developed a proficiency in understanding commercial and economic terminology and concepts. Every bit as importantly, my involvement with entrepreneurship through my father has inspired a great passion for the business world within me. Through seeing how companies operate and how entrepreneurial ideas are ultimately turned into profit, I have become ever more eager to make the transition from being an observer of these processes to a central participant. I am excited about the prospect of turning my current knowledge base into real expertise, and I believe that a degree in Management would be the ideal opportunity to do this as a precursor to gaining professional managerial experience, completing further study and one day setting up my own business ventures.

Based around my desire to study Management, I have opted for subjects such as accounting and economics at college to gain a grounding in the disciplines that underpin business and management success. Having studied mathematics, I am also equipped with the mathematical skills that are required for many of the key aspects of management studies.

To further explore and understand business issues, I have read books such as “Like A Virgin” and “The Undercover Economist”, which have illustrated the crucially important role that management plays in today’s society and how it is used to tackle issues from global warming to inequality. This has certainly spurred me on to expand my knowledge about management by studying it at university.

Having raised over AUD 10 000 for the Red Cross Calling campaign as the charity captain for my school and being part of the school soccer team, I have developed excellent leadership skills, which I hope to consolidate further as I gain further managerial experience. Leading teams has furthermore taught me valuable interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate with colleagues and people under my authority, and I have also learnt how to handle the pressures of a position of responsibility. My involvement in fundraising has additionally awakened my creative side; I enjoyed the challenge of brainstorming for new ideas to raise money, and the process of doing so has prompted me to take a greater interest in the concepts of marketing. Indeed, the theoretical components of marketing offered by a Management Studies degree is something that I wish to further explore so that I can acquire the techniques and skills that are required to develop effective marketing strategies in the business world. I have also learnt the great value of working collaboratively and sharing ideas with others, because through such collective efforts it is easier to push the boundaries of innovation and originality.

The multicultural nature of my home country has helped me to appreciate the value of being multilingual. Studying in Australia has trained me how to think and work independently away from home. Globalization calls on us to adapt to rapid changes, which is why I want to further explore out of my comfort zone by pursuing an education in the United Kingdom. I believe this will positively challenge me intellectually, socially and personally. In doing so, I hope to develop resilience and to be more cosmopolitan as it will aid me in expanding my future business to a global scale.

Ultimately I believe that a degree in Management would provide me with the crucial knowledge to start up my own business and to be an entrepreneur. Armed with the knowledge I hope to acquire, it would assist me in contributing to society and overcoming life’s daily challenges. Upon graduation, I intend to join the workforce to gain actual work experience before pursuing my Masters of Business Administration in a different part of the world.

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