Education Personal Statement

Sample Education Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in Education and to become a teacher has developed out of my work experience as well as my observations of my own small children. At present I am working as a Teaching Assistant, and before that I spent two years as an Early Years Practitioner at a day care nursery, and in both these posts I have greatly enjoyed being involved in the process of learning in children, watching their progress and finding ways to advance their development. I am eager to explore the complexities of the subject at degree level and ultimately put my knowledge and acquired skills to good use to enhance children’s experience in their primary years of school. At the same time I am a mother of two children, aged nine and seven, and I have opted to study part-time in order to allow me to balance my responsibilities to my family with my own particular career ambitions. I am applying as a mature student, with a very clear, considered and realistic attitude to my own ability and plans, and I feel that working as a teacher in a primary school, eventually playing a part in the management team, would offer me the prospect of both personal and professional fulfilment.

As a Teaching Assistant I work in the Reception class, helping the teacher to ensure that the day-to-day running of the class goes smoothly. I am involved at all times in the planning and preparation of the day’s work and the pupils’ activities as well as evaluating their abilities and progress. I take small groups for phonics and for speech and language lessons, which calls for considerable planning and clear delivery. I also work on displays and maintain records, as well as supervising during the midday break. Earlier, in the day nursery, I worked in the pre-school room, planning stimulating activities for the children, recording their progress and ensuring that the children’s learning environment was happy and healthy. It was at this time that I achieved an NVQ level 3 in Children’s Care Learning and Development.

More recently I have attained level 4 on an Autistic Spectrum Disorder accredited course, which has been revelatory and inspiring. I was struck particularly by the ways society’s views of special needs have changed in recent years, to the point where such pupils are now included in mainstream education, and methods can be devised to answer the needs of every individual. My reading during this course offered me many new ideas. I read Seach’s Interactive Play for Children with Autism, with its emphasis on developing such pupils’ imagination and encouraging them to have self esteem, as well as helping them to communicate and make friends. Moore’s Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autistic Spectrum made the interesting point that parents often feel outsiders in dealing with their autistic children and need support. The way children learn is a deeply interesting subject for me, and I relish the prospect of exploring education theory in a degree course.

I train a netball team at school, and I also manage my son’s under 7s football team. I am a member of a street dance group, performing in shows myself while supporting the class teacher who brings children to the group, my own daughter included. As a child I was a competition gymnast, and static trapeze continues to be a favourite pastime for me. I believe that all of these skills will be of great use to me as a primary school teacher.

I am deeply interested in what it is that motivates a child to learn and how this can be fostered. I love watching the marks of progress in a child’s development, from making a mark on the page to being able to form letters. Teamwork in school inspires me and I always give my best effort towards the group’s achievements. I work hard and always maintain a positive attitude. My commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the qualities to become a successful undergraduate and teacher.

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