Computer Science Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science personal statement.

I was introduced to creating and designing software, building computers and robots by my father at an early age. I went on to develop a fascination for engineering, scientific building, creating and problem solving. This ever-increasing interest, combined with my academic and work experience has confirmed my determination to study this course and it has given me confidence that I possess the technical knowledge, drive and ability to make a success of it. The business side of this course is especially appealing, allowing me to build on strong entrepreneurial flair, as well as my management experience. I am also particularly keen on the opportunity of a placement during the course and the opportunity to take my studies out into the industry.

Computer Science is a subject I feel very comfortable with. One of the things I like about it most is that there is always more to learn. It’s a growing subject that is constantly moving ahead. I want to be part of that innovation, using my own designs and working with others to find unique solutions. I also look forward to using my talents in Mathematics and Accounting. I have always had a talent for and an appreciation of problem solving, logical thinking, scientific thought, patterns and relationships. Such approaches provide me with certain predictability that I find reassuring. As part of my A level ICT course work, I designed a software package for use in a property rentals business. My design addressed the need for accounts spreadsheets and large data storage of property details. I facilitated the management and sharing of frequently used information, as well as creating a website for the company. I also have experience of using a variety of software programming languages and tools including Pascal and Delphi operating systems

My entrepreneurial and management ability was quickly recognised by McDonalds, where I have worked for the past two years. As Shift Manager, I control the production of food for the entire restaurant. I also manage up to 20 staff and deal with customer satisfaction.

Aside from good leadership skills, I have gained experience of analysing sales data and maintaining production charts and databases. I have developed good organisation skills and I have learned about smooth coordination of the restaurant. I have also gained positive experience of how to work within and motivate a team. I’ve handled difficult situations and used skills in diplomacy to deal with difficult situations. I have also sought opportunities to learn about the company’s computer systems. I have never been late for or absent from work, I have enjoyed working hard and being rewarded with greater responsibility.

Beyond my academic and employed work, I enjoy rowing and playing rugby, I would be keen to continue my involvement in sports at University. My interest in technology, design and engineering also extends to my free time, I like finding out about how things are made and have taught myself to take a car engine apart and install complicated electric circuits and music systems. I have also been very successful in online gaming and in trading and designing games. I was at one stage approached by the American Author of a game, who congratulated me on my success and I have been able to sell Rune Gold to players. I enjoy travelling and working with people from different backgrounds.

I am hardworking, self motivated, creative and practical. I show great attention to detail, I like solving problems by myself and in a team and I enjoy sharing ideas and experience with others. I look forward to building the knowledge and expertise that will ensure great results for my degree and for my future career. I will always work hard to be successful, innovative and constructive in my approach.

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