Architecture Personal Statement

Sample Architecture Personal Statement

As I child my passion for Architecture was sparked by designing and building small wooden houses and spending hours on end creating houses on the PC game ‘The Sims’. As I grew up so did the scale of my projects; in 2006 I rebuilt an old barn. Using any materials I could find including wood, old bricks and car wheels, I turned my sketch plans into reality. I want to study Architecture at university in order to develop my technical skills so that I can create beautiful buildings and spaces, one day through my own architecture company.

I am currently studying Extended Degree Architecture, where I am learning all the basic academic components which I will continue at university, including Mathematics, in which I scored 90%, Physics, Chemistry, Art Design and Study skills. On this course and in my spare time I study historical architecture, and am fascinated by art nouveau, having read Adolf Loos “Ornament and Crime” and visited Barcelona to view the work of Antonio Gaudi. I loved the contrast in this city between the numerous old gothic churches and Gaudi’s modernist architecture, and the way the Sagrada Familia embodied this contrast in one magnificent building. I love that the Sagraga Familia is still a work in progress, with each generation implanting their own impression. I have also travelled to Dubai, Paris and Rome, and enjoyed contrasting the architectural styles of each.

I have gained practical experience of architecture through my father, who used to work for a building company in Kazakhstan. While I assisted him with paperwork and translations I met many architects and fell in love with the technically precise models they created. I was fascinated by the way they combined their knowledge of science and art. I have remained in contact with some of them, and hope to gain work experience during the summer vacations. I also hope to gain some experience in the UK whilst studying an Architecture Degree.

As I speak native Kazakh and Russian and fluent English, my language skills will enable me to take advantage of the truly global careers opportunities in architecture. My love of travel has given me a wide exposure to various architectural influences, which I will be able to draw upon to develop my own unique style.

In my spare time I am a keen sportsman. I represented my school first team in football and basketball, and am currently taking kick-boxing classes. These activities have improved my teamwork and discipline. I am a highly self-motivated individual, always pushing myself to work to the best of my ability, both in the classroom and on the sports pitch. I plan to play an active role in all aspects of university life; getting involved in sport will enable me to quickly make friends and ease the transition of moving to a foreign country to study. I believe these attributes, coupled with my creativity, attention to detail and ambition, give me the potential to succeed in Architecture at university level and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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